We are a Performance Creative agency, specialised in Meta & TikTok Advertising.

With us you will reach your growth goals - profitably.

Brands we work with

Solo Photo Media is an innovative, globally operating Social Media agency from Austria.

We help small as well as large companies to profitably promote their products & services via Social Media Performance Marketing. From online stores to hotels and car dealers, we significantly increased our customers' sales.

Think your business can't benefit from social media advertising?

Then let's prove the opposite.

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Because every customer is individual...

The true beauty of Social Media Advertising ist that both small and large companies can grow profitably while having a clear-cut insight into their KPIs. We value long, close cooperations & tailored strategies to guarantee your success..

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Strategy & road-map

At the beginning, we design a marketing strategy tailored to your company, so that your products & values are pormoted profitably.

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Zero Loss Funnel

At Solo Photo Media, we set up your campaigns according to our zero loss funnel principle: This means that we use multi-layered campaign structures to pick up everyone who doesn't even know your brand yet, all the way to those who have already had your products in their shopping cart.

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Profitable & lucrative

Through meticulously crafted customer avatars & thanks to Facebook's audience targeting, your ad will only be seen by people who are really interested in your product or service. So, not a single penny is wasted!

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observe & optimise

Here data is king, too! We constantly test & analyze your ads to deliver the best possible results.

Niches we have promoted...

hotel & tourism







Sport & Fitness


FREE Case Study: How we consistently skyrocket eCommerce brands to fiercely profitable 6-/7-figure MRR by leveraging our ‚3-Integers-Principal‚ on Facebook & Instagram and help them achieve industry domination.

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How we consistently reduce ‚Cost per Order‘, increase ‚Return-on-Ad-Spend‘ and grow ecommerce stores by over 350%.

The ‚3-Integers-Principal‘ that allows us to scale our client’s stores to wildly profitable 6-/ & 7-figure MRR.

How to stay ahead of the game and achieve industry domination even in competitive niches.

BONUS: Get a free copy of our internal ‚creative workshop‘ sheet that only our clients and employees receive.

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Avg. Client Retention

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zufriedene Kunden

Pascal is both proactive and reactive, which is key for our business and the stage we are in. He has been a great mentor to the creative team, providing them with consistent feedback and ideas on how to improve our creatives. Pascal is honest and explains things well. He’s confident and always puts the brand objectives first. It’s been a pleasure working with him so far and navigating the tricky minefield of paid media together. I wouldn’t use anyone else to manage our paid media now, he is like an extension of our team.

Keely P. | Sassy Shop Wax

Thanks to Pascal we were able to re-purpose old content we thought was obsolete. With fresh and new ideas from Pascal we were able to create together really good performing ads aligned with our values and objectives.

Daniela H. | DAWN Denim

„We’ve been working together for just under a year now. Pascal is insanely committed, reliable, creative and above all – which is insanely important to me personally – he tries to understand me and AQH. A real stroke of luck!
For me, he is now an integral part of our team and I am just happy that our paths have crossed and that we work together so pleasantly and amicably!“


What we do well better than others

We're not an agency that lovelessly buys your media. We take you by the hand from the very first second and implement proven, profitable online strategies with you. Here you will find an overview of what sets us apart.

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Strategy & road-map

In a close collaboration we elaborate the strengths & values of your business, from which we then design tailored marketing strategies & roadmaps. Transparent, effective & plannable.

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A lot with little

With Facebook & Instagram advertising, we can achieve huge revenues with comparatively small budgets. Our average return-on-ad-spend is 4.6, which means that we generate an average of $ 4,600 in sales from a $ 1,000 advertising budget.

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Performance Creatives

Numbers are great, but we still also place a lot of value on the creation of "Performance Creatives" (Ads basically) to scale your business effectively and aesthetically. In fact, Creatives are the single most powerful leverage in Online Marketing. die Erstellung von performenden Creatives (Werbeanzeigen), um ästhetisch & effektiv dein Business zu skalieren. Um genau zu sein, sind Creatives der mit Abstand größte Hebel im Online Marketing.

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Step by step scaling

We have transformed online stores with little to hardly any reach & brand awareness into superior players in competitive markets in a short period of time. The learnings of our customers as well as our expertise enable us to scale your success in a predictable way.

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Brand Strategy

We help you to gain a foothold on social media and to position yourself in a target-oriented way. In addition, we work out customized marketing strategies for your business to not only increase sales, but also brand awareness.

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Certified expertise

We were trained by ADBAKER, one of the largest online marketing agencies in the DACH region and continue to constantly invest in our expertise. We are in close contact with absolute top agencies and constantly share our knowledge.

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Analysis & Optimization

We analyze the current state and optimize it for the best possible results while removing conversion killers.

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It's not uncommon for us to combine our specialty of Facebook & Instagram Advertising with other advertising mediums like Pinterest, Snapchat & TikTok.

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Funnel optimization

Ja, wir bauen auch Webseiten und Landing Pages.

Vor allem sind wir für unsere reibungslosen Funnel-Architekturen bekannt.


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